She was all of what i’ve written below
when she calls & says hello
out the blue my thoughts are i know


though it feels wrong
something about me makes her feel like she belongs
into the realm of someone that should be loved
mathematically speaking she’s added into my sum


fact she was most beautiful, most alive when she opened herself up
as she allowed vulnerabilites, disappointment & didn’t force control onto us
When she spoke about pain, rejection, & always told me the truth
when she stopped focusing on her pride, reputaion & let it run through


veins like mi amor i love you too
he speaks, but i dont talk
since i am liquity in your space like an astronaut
for your happiness my speech stays locked
& you know what i am talking about


i think of you my heart starts to rush
even without any presence, you mean that much
as my pens slowly turns this vibrant sound into a whisper & then a hush
realizing that you’re the best feeling i’ve ever written or discussed


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