She says I don’t understand why my old guy
always seems to be like my new guy
when i tell myself i no longer want to go down that road in that kind of ride


I camp out in the outside of that wilderness
as i guide you into my sun
where darkness equals anything outside of us
on any given day or week plus


show you what it should be to fulfill & not what it was
going to be like just
showing you what it does
feel like to love & not lust
to this she


“I have a talent for making things harder than they have to be
masters degree in tragedy
doctorate in self destruction
correction undone by corruption


Healing peeled to bleed”


Even if I was to be
the oxygen tank that you need


That was raw
Like my heart exposed out of my mental wall
Writting about her from dusk to dawn
Piecing together her unwanted flaws


she realizes its not the height that makes you stand tall
Just the adjustments to the volume on the other side of the call
That makes you the one…


I can do this all day
my emotions speak more than what I can relay
Passing the baton in her arms silently as i turn the lane…
to the finish line i say
as she smiles the day away


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