I no longer search for what i feel
endlessly its you & i including dreams that are real
so my heart allows me to reveal


My truest intent when its you i suppose
different address & state; yet on the same coast
digitally & romantically i’ll always stay close
the dreamer wanting to know
that i’ll be in your dreams of course


The temperature falls & you reach my core
i shut down others existence to see your allure
cause you’re lightning minus the storm
the maiden minus the chores


Ship on my shores
the thoroughbred minus the race
the drink that i love to taste
I fear the day my desire may be
reduced to a fast-fading memory


Un-truth of my love for you to cease
longing for all that I cannot see
but the truth is i feel ill always be
a silent necessity

artist: yuri pysar-Nude Painting "White"
artist: yuri pysar-Nude Painting “White”


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