I never think about set back
just a prince looking for his kingdom before i fade to black
that’s you outer worldly; so i’m needing a jet pack
which is the easiest way to catch up to my throne in 1 second flat


Though no sunrise or moon shine can reveal your beauty
i still try my best to give a visual of it believe me
you’re in a one person cocoon; but its time to go outside
its written in plain sight
here’s your wings be my butterfly


Show her the manifestation of love & everything i hold sacred
this is authentic more than just words are born when i say it
stripped down to the purest form of love is born exposed & naked


Way i feel is written with nothing to conceal me
the silence turns to grave pain, but when you reach out it heals me
now that’s all i have to say
love was born the first time i asked for your name


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