I can hear her ask me this question
would you still love me without question
If I wasn’t who you thought in all dimensions


In order for me to maintain
I had to turn away
& I reply
oh my


Love is eternal & you’ll always seduce my mind
some say the sky’s the limit
but my vision of you makes it infinite


I’ve always told you i’m willing to play any position
not in the military, but you are my only mission
so if i quit i’ll never succeed
in loving you in all variations you thought you wouldn’t need


Can i open up the door to show you what you mean to me
when what i feel Hollywood couldn’t even screen cinematically
sometimes i feel you’re too real for what i feel
so i inhale; then exhale thoughts of you as i stand still


Call to others cause i say i will
medicate you with love minus the liquid or pill
all while weaving these thoughts into you like twill
some say what i’d do, but i do what i say; which makes it for real

artist: Natalia Baykalova "Girl covered by curtain"
artist: Natalia Baykalova “Girl covered by curtain”

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