These feelings are hard to condone
for you i’d go up shits creek
but you’re so pure i’d come up clean
then take a pose


You’re all i breath
this connection helps me speak
the truth


You hear me now like the Verizon man
everything about you is loves master plan
& my heart is given to you from the palms of my hand
you’re my conscience
yet foreign like languages from a foreign land


Name should be Isis
since i’ve been locked into your magic
so everything i speak is authentic
where you,my soul & the universe is listening to the basics
or should i just say me exposed & naked


I’ll put it all on your shelf
& that’s the only way towards you I’d manifest myself
remember i only want you & I to equal oneself


Could be selfish from within
but when i think of us it becomes beneficent
& with one touch everything i’ve ever loved has been sent
really wishing & hoping it all makes sense



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