I have a question
with lots of passion
can i hold you, cause i have a feeling
eternally speaking


Is the bed
where we meet to physically enjoy our moment
as hours pass in constant speed & we enjoy it
as night quickly transforms into morning
& our heartbeats are stuck in our chest


Things that only our minds can translate best
visions of me & her the day that we lay at rest
next to each other like the bible, i would feel blessed


Is your show & I’ll be the guest
The flavors are robust,but you’re the zeal to this feelings zest
Unlike a puzzle with you there is no room to guess
Cause it all falls in place


A vision to a dream
In association with the air that I breathe
You are to me what autumn is to red leaves
With you I don’t need to sleep to dream

By: Lino Robles
By: Lino Robles

3 thoughts on “VISIONS OF

    1. Thanks for your appreciation of my work & This is only a hobby; so i don’t have any other forums for my work. I appreciate you as a well versed poet liking my work as i do yours!!!

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