She makes me go outside the box
so into her like my two feet in my socks
or more like a surgeon she has my open heart


The palms of her hand from the start
I’ll coyly admit my new norm
when the rain comes you clear out the storm
great like Miles Davis on the horns
as i follow your trumpets every note


Your school & nothings on hold
I do my best to be on your honor roll
I try to be numb, but today is my tomorrow
& yesterday sat you in loves row


Scenic route was only a detour
visualize me as I do… now you know
what I feel is eternal; which equals forevermore


Probably hard to understand my feelings
yet easy to understand the willing
new position
silence till you become mine
or till the next time
we spend time


Of my glass half empty
tells me that you’re the reality
of what love has to offer me



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