a candy cane isn’t the only thing with stripes
its hard to talk about this sometimes
but easy to say you’re more than just my type


It’s you i ask for it all
cause you’re always on the other side of loves call
like a light can i turn you on
just to see you wrapped around my arms


Stick to you minus the glue
its easy to say i don’t want you
but my eternal soul always calls you


Without you my cup is half empty
you’re my communion thanks for blessing me
with the reason i love multiplied times plenty


Easy to see how you could become an obsession
cause you’re dedicated to the finer point of attention
with no limitations
the answer,the question & reason
to fill loves application


2 thoughts on “THE REASON

    1. Thanks… I usually write in 1st, 2nd 3rd person in these poems. Sometimes if you read it multiple times you’d find something missed the first time read. : )

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