Why must i question
the destination since she’s my passion
most women have an obsession
with their looks or how their hair is positioned
but honestly your beauty makes you look like a beautician


Emotions, fell on my lap when i stopped looking for perfection
so as long as you love you, i see an artist with no imperfections
no words needed to feel this connection
my heart will always be yours with no exceptions


what i feel is no assumption
i’ve loved you from the first sight of inception
so what you just read, gives the answer to the question


She is like a flower
that grows un-watered
so i give her
the ideal weather
to bloom


Doesn’t need me,but loves the ambiance i give to her mood
self happiness is another word i can use
whenever in doubt i clear up that gloom
its all in the essence i choose
reality has spoken the truth


What you just read is the question
& the lesson
with loving you being the blessing
artist corrine korda


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