When i write its an open letter
of my mind, body & soul towards you forever
where nothing seems deeper
or moves me better


Love you even when it doesn’t seem popular
it’s my life,but its all about her
perfection equals imperfections is what i always tell her
& i always make that perfectly clear


write & speak it for her to hear
i’ll be the after math after the tears
the days that after 365 equals a year


Second & minute she’s inside what i wear
the fabric that never tears
in other words can never be torn
cause on the outside she’ll always be worn


Fascade i’ll take it slow
which is something you already know
any position even though this isn’t a sport
others helped me graduate now i feel like a pro


Can love you less
but can only see me loving you more
this is an open letter to the way i love her
for sure
artist corinne korda

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