Why let thieves steal my appetite of love for you
When I am here in the warmth of your presence
Never wanting to feel the cold of your silence
Saying goodbye is sadness well beyond my comprehension
Knowing that you’re the path to my futures destination
Pure unadulterated jubilation


Me why I see a different you
Than what the world see’s of you
Even after you wake up in the morning
With a million things to do before the evening
Escaping from the thoughts that are suppressed by your life’s dealings


Sat alone envisioning my actions with a smile on my face
Thinking about all of the wonderful places
That I can take you once I’ve made it
Then coming to the realization that you’ll love me no matter where the sun gazes
Because true love has no color, skin, or faces


Just say & do the simple things
Even if you don’t expect it from me, joy is what I’ll bring
Why feel all alone
Or have a drink when I know you’ll get me in that zone
Mystified by you and always amazed by how you make moves on your own
I’ll inspire you to step into your kingdom onto your throne
Because there will only be one you that could never be cloned

Artist: Natalia Baykalova Good Morning World
Artist: Natalia Baykalova
Good Morning World


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