I need to feel you
so i write & whiteout anything that doesn’t include you
cause you are plan A on any given day
the rest is plan B the aftermath in disarray


Of what my mind says to me
why fall in love while trying to live life
easy cause i met
the only number i need in my heart or rolodex


Have me feeling laid back like the weekend
when i dream of you; i only want to sleep in
your name to me sounds like perfect
could swear that’s how you said it


The truth is you’re my seconds & minutes
beyond the surface deep down to the roots
running your love down for years what a commute
invested & tailored for me like a fine suit


Name is not Adam, but would like to take a bite of your fruit
cause you giving me life & a buzz that’s absolut
you go to bed in a tank top & me in a crew
night time emotions minus the coffee between us will always brew



2 thoughts on “ABSOLUTE

    1. Glad you caught that & I also played with birth control metaphorically in early lines plan B aftermath in disarray.. thx for reading & I also enjoy your words as well..

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