I miss you most during the day
cause at night when i dream i can see you everyday
since you live in loves picture


Is present but i see you living in my future
pure & natural with no filters
everything about you feels familiar


Out of my comfort zone & still don’t feel out of kilter
i spring into summer & fall before winter
all seasons to understand who could easily be my pillar


My interactive social media
when I need to travel or get away you’re my Expedia
I give you my world
priceless like the mother of all pearls
true to these words when it comes to this girl


Like a glass of champagne & the toast
I think you’re elegant from your head down to your toes
put you on the wall then stop
tilt my head to the side of yours like 11:58 on the clock


Night cap is when the inhibitions drop
but i get that feeling about you every time that we talk
with the keys to everything about me that needs to be unlocked


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