she seduces me with her mind
all this without looking directly into her eyes
which allows me to see the chaos she wants to leave behind


I just want to hold her in time
in the hour glass of love that i call mine
with a nice hug, kiss & snuggle all combined


Too dramatic, only the purity of what i feel defined
moving inland into your soul like the chinook wind
blowing away the frost that had you inclined


Believe; that not all grapes can turn into vintage wine
hoping that one day our hearts can be aligned
with no theater or drama which we’d leave to the blind


Joy & happiness; which together we can redefine
the way that we look at the sun whenever it shines
cause that is partially the fruit of life by design


Coke needed to get high of what you inhaled in on this line
cause the truth is in these words that i rhyme
hope is in the thought of you enjoying this ride



2 thoughts on “IN MY WORDS

  1. I enjoy a good word play on drugs, addictions, and other self distructive behaviors, so I loved the last line. I got my hit of Lino this morning with my cup of Joe, and it’s almost time to go. 🙂

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