The best day I ever had
was when I told you
that I loved you
without fear of what you had to say back


Great ideas of how sweet
these feelings for you could actually be
so I look at my cell phone


To see the reflection of my smile grow
texting my emotions when i say hello
modifying my thoughts, but when you respond i let it go
its all about you i totally lose control


Inspired, but i’ll stop short of calling you my own
cause i don’t want to fully be exposed
even though you already know


You’re the vocals that come out of my throat
cause you’re a snap shot & not a photo
if i was a business; then you’d be my logo


Truth is that i’ll always pitch this
on loves mound towards your heart & soul hoping i never miss
you’re beautiful on the inside; which makes you gorgeus
on the outside, so i always wonder about your feelings


Your number 1 fan thoughts start spinning
out of control for you high up on his ceiling
my mind says let it be, but my heart is always rebelling


I know where lies my beginning & ending
time is money & in both i like spending
with you artistically would be the best day is all i’m saying


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