I give myself reasons why i shouldn’t feel this way
yet logic can’t explain it away
like humanity not knowing how we were made
different interpretations, yet the story remains the same


Since emotions equal feelings
& mine on yours has already risen
how can i tell myself i shouldn’t


Hard to understand how easy you turn me into another guy
but the realization is that your aura alone keeps me satisfied
no ruler needed to measure what i see in between my eyes


Write bits & pieces of what I
never thought could be felt & why
i feel we go together like the cloud & sky


Though i shouldn’t ….
What i feel for you is all i recognize
so i bow down to all you symbolize
love that i can watch without looking at time


Letters that make this worth while
as i call you MINE

artist limzyB


4 thoughts on “ALL I RECOGNIZE

      1. No I haven’t because i do not have the patience… Most of the material i write is in 1 shot on the go. I write based on emotions at the time. I really connect with your work & its subtle complexities.

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