Sunlight coming through my window pane
thoughts of you have filled my brain
always feeling like since the future is unwritten
we should write the present


Are the thoughts going through my poor mind like a peasant
poetry in motion my gift to you wrapped in a present
thrust into euphoria while mentally in your presence


Though this is a re-hashed email from 2007
early this morning with you in thought holding this moment
as i flip through some of these early comments


How much we have in common
lost in my precarious mind in silence
hence the reason my feelings boil over the top like ramen


What i feel quickly before it cools down
which it’s starting to happen now
as you once said i’m content to simply know you
& let the chips fall where they may want to
then i replied


Our date start with dinner & end with breakfast; could those coincide
& what if my soul was interconnected to your universe; could i decide
just being true to these words & thoughts hoping they never subside
as i awake reaching for you to be by my side



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