You appease all my likes
by showing me how to love right
yet its hard to show my soul inside


Of my past in the sense that i’ll dim your light
by knowing i’m not ready; pure stage fright
i know i should be in your sunlight
even in my darkest hour you’d still shine bright


My thoughts for you are corraled by a lasso
pure as a halo & that i know
i’m all over it like the letters all over the globe


I’m not ready
i hope you understand me
even though its not easy


You’re my vice & obsession
wow…what a combination
when you mix love into that equation


You i see devotion
but on the other side there’s temptation
so i’ll say sorry before we begin
by being faithful & scared to sin


All of my life there’s been
other women
but how strange to have found my only woman


Makes it hard to understand
why i push you away & not stand
up to these other voices like a man
i guess fortitude was always a part of the plan


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