Her Cayenne red lips

dawn on me before the sunsets

there is no need to justify me

as long as you have wants i’ll fill your needs




You make me feel alive

i want to give you the rest of my life

feature you in a magazine called my love life
Breathe your past 
& all i ask is for you to have an open mind 
give it no thought on a date night
Run away from this chance
that my unconscious self wants to verbalize
because of your track record in this regard
Protect me from what you deem hard
i’ve wanted you since Central recess yards
when pagers were in; then we had to make pay phone calls
In some way shape or form
its been that long
i want all parts of you including what’s been torn
Like the french quarters so i’ll toot your horn
call me muddy waters, after the rain my love is born
we’ve talked about you being at the plate alone
& you crossed 1st, 2nd & 3rd base; so I’ll wait for you home

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