Anytime I see your face
Its like god opened heavens gate
nothing can measure or rate
the track of emotions im going to relay


The cusp of your heart I convey
that i’ll baptize you in loves lake
written just in case
confirmation is needed on display


You emphasize where I want to be
in the quiet of my mind i see
i wear my heart on my sleeves
knowing their isn’t no running away from these
feelings even though i have two feet
trust me my soul is into you so deep


Whisper & write hoping you take it all in
like a DJ i match your heartbeat when i spin
these words into your mold thin
i’d rather not sink when i swim


My truths
equal me always loving you
even when i rattle off these riddles
i mumble yet my love stays in the middle
of your heart for a lot more than a little


I hit headed to 1st base on a single
my truth’s in loving you before we mingled
true love dust sprinkled


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