I want you in all my loving moments
inhale you into my organs
i’ve taken it in & now i own it


thoughts digested in wit
placed over your feelings like a blanket
to keep you warm as i double knit
out all the saliva that you have to spit


The past left a bad taste in your mouth
as i blue the sky & you the cloud
perfect harmony is what i’m talking about


If i pull back
can you re-route me back
with your touch & gab
by taking the k out of back
re-spelling backwards into your cab


I need no train to hop onto your tracks
where my soul is already attached
& nothing from me to you will ever lack


Me as long as you live i’ll never arrive
cause i’ll treat you
like i always want to keep you
on this great ride


A paint brush & butterflies
cocooning into something sublime
till the day you fully become mine

artist Lauri Blank


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