Like a phone
you touch me, when you dial me

Like science
you’re my loves anatomy

Like a song
i’ll be your melody

Like a bed
i’m here when you need to rest your head

Like emotions
i am the passion of your every breath

Like soup
i drink & feel inside the warmth called you


Is the last poem as I close the door
it’s time to disconnect & let it all go
i’ve called, but all I hear is a dial tone
these metaphors are in a long distance zone


There are charges every time I roam
these feelings to a place I can no longer call home
yet I smile at all of the above


That affection is the only thing that I brung
ever since the door bell had been rung
i signed off my emotions to the one I love


Like A I think
we were meant to B
cause I C
D love I have for you equaling all of me


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