We met because of her smile
& the calm of her aura while
i wasn’t in position to walk with her the whole mile
yet i tried even though


Should let these emotions go
then i see your face on my phone
wanting to call, but no
i’ll leave her alone


Better this way i suppose
hoping you’re not feeling down & low
cause motivation & love for you is all i know


Morning conversations with winks & jokes
lets not talk about your pictures or written words i spoke
I try to say things with my mouth full, but i choke


At bat while i try to close
like a pitcher seeing where the catcher wants me to throw
the batter came up, but the timing was all out of the zone


I wrote hey
& you said nothing trying not to fall prey
to the beautiful truths on my mind i wanted to parlay


To the circumstances my thoughts say
i think we could be friends
yet my soul can’t quite hop over that fence


Try to forget about the love i seen
& the storyboard that was placed in those scenes
emotionally i close my eyes yet i can’t sleep


I exhale & inhale you when i breathe
by filtering you through loves spleen
like an atheist saying God damn
i now believe in you cause of this woman


She’s helped me connect with emotions hard to understand
conveying them into the memoires of a new man
so i thank you for showing me who i am


The residue
of what i should do
with my selfishness only wanting to groom you
i don’t expect anything from you
yet i want all of you


Into your thoughts
deep down to my soul before it clots
knowing who & what means a lot
Shhhhh… It’s all for not



Whispers spoken with slightly opened lips
her soft breath is a sensation that feels like a kiss
she says 2 peas in a pod & i say soul mate to this


I feel & write about you is true
like a drunk man unleashed with his points of view
no one truly knows
how i feel about you
not even me…


I write to take you places
like a book looking at you; I hope you face it
as i see you from all directions
which is deeper than any other sensation


Love it when your hair is in a bun
plain & simple second to none
lip gloss & minimal makeup
even when i am lonely its hard to focus
thinking of you hope you know this


Not a magician, but i know
where all the magic goes
she sends me her selfie, now watch my pen blow
as my eternal light for her extends its glow
written in this poetic note



I suppose we all have standards
but what if i abandon me for her
in the name of love registered
to see if that would make me a bastard


Suppose that if you edit your pictures enough
& get 100 likes you’ll feel beautiful enough
that’s why i ask to see you minus makeup
different from what the world see’s concealed & touched up


Suppose that they only liked your editing skills
while i only want to see & love whats real
you’re just as elegant to me in sneakers as you are in heels


Suppose this is to remind you how i feel
towards you & your beauty sealed
in my heart that’s being revealed


Suppose i can tell you that i’ve signed up
to undressing you mentally & filling my half empty cup
more concerned about your inner beauty than facebook quotes


Suppose i could keep writing these notes
just so you can see what i already know
& this is all about your inner soul in this post
& that i wont suppose

red rose on wood floow - black and white


She stays in my dreams now
i’m not sure how to keep her out
even awake she’s mostly what i think about


Not to make an old dream new again, but how
when she’s the sky & my thoughts are the clouds
so how can i keep these feelings concealed
when i know she’s all to real


I guess i could ignore or explore whats in my head
i write to immortalize what needs to be said
even though i’m trying to forget
the way she has me coming clean


A psychedelic trip
airy visions lifted out of loves seed
with her all in my dreams



I read the old texts
& like a ghost you’ve disappeared now whats next
other than to relive the first time we met


The emails,to us upgrading into the virtual world of text
revisiting old messages & thoughts
same passions including the arts
poetically & entrepreneurially we spoke about life & our wants


Its easy to say the silence is a plus
but it also makes it harder to say I miss us
the triumphs & lumps
the pictures,the flight


Always put a smile on my face the way i like
all eyes on me on stage, yet i feel no fright
cause my feelings are pure on any given day or night


Concept of you living in my heart has always felt right
no matter the gloom or detours you always shine bright
cause you’re vision to my sight
I still love you the way these old texts recite

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBFOFnyhYSM


Funny thing is, when i see or think of you
like a cab driver as you enter i ask where to
& if talk is expensive
& silence is worth nothing
& you can’t afford it
then what do we have….


Is the word that answers the riddle
that’s unwanted on nice skin compared to a pimple
she’s all in my spirits
like goods in a package i want to be in it


Tomorrow may never show up
but as long as i grip you to my love
each morning you’ll understand what i wrote above
on overload like oreo’s double stuffed


I tell you how i dreamed of
the way i’d get lost
with you at all cost
no lips needed to see you gloss


Cup on the table with your legs semi-crossed
as I look at you by the window
staring at your heart shaped pose
locked in & froze
knowing i’ll love you the most


My heart doesn’t beat with the same vigor
like trying to zip up a jacket with no zipper
i’ve accessorized with others
but wear you in loves home like slippers


I say this cause i’ve always felt this inside
so i write to my goddess these words immortalized
with one look into your eyes
not R. Kelly but i believe i can fly


You’re the one that doesn’t allow me to function normally
fantasy & passion equals you as my reality
as my heart has created another organ for this anomaly
while i continue to give you all of me
Lino Robles poem


When i write she sees the vision
she is hunting for love & I am open season
if she’s confined I show her spaced acres
& a portrait of my soul on a canvas the bigger picture


Easy to feel my wants
with you it starts and stops
in silence or out loud you’re all the sounds I’ve got
written on this paper
if thirsty she’s all flavors


Take a sip to that
while I swim over your perceived flaws in laps
to me you’re a standing ovation on tap
late night seduction without trying is what I strive
to do till i hear your thoughts unwind


Me I just want to be a part of your life
unforeseen in the dark I handle it all in a simple process
truth be told If you feel your life is on hold, I show you progress
the storm is here & after I am the calmness


Speak to this
swallow what I feel & digest
it all like the start of your day I am breakfast
i don’t want it unless your in it cause you’re flawless
& no matter your age or time to me you are timeless
drawn in my life’s maze; i’m just being honest



I see your quiet eyes underneath the cold past
with the warmth I bring, within your unfeeling smiles
what a combination that’s been written for quite awhile
happiness doesn’t always come from the heart
you must dig deeper before you ring the alarm


Whispers are spoken from me to you
i cuddle to your innocence
while i strip all of what others have shown you
in the form of insignificance


You make me feel like a photographer
with an obediant eye to the arts
which with you being in my thoughts come out a la carte


Each image of you fluidly from the start
i hope you understand motivation to me is who you are
freeing my thoughts without boundaries
one touch & i’m charged like a battery


A once in a lifetime feeling placed in my emotional gallery
i’ll never miss you cause you stay inside of me
others need purpose, but you’re my vitality