Funny thing is, when i see or think of you
like a cab driver as you enter i ask where to
& if talk is expensive
& silence is worth nothing
& you can’t afford it
then what do we have….


Is the word that answers the riddle
that’s unwanted on nice skin compared to a pimple
she’s all in my spirits
like goods in a package i want to be in it


Tomorrow may never show up
but as long as i grip you to my love
each morning you’ll understand what i wrote above
on overload like oreo’s double stuffed


I tell you how i dreamed of
the way i’d get lost
with you at all cost
no lips needed to see you gloss


Cup on the table with your legs semi-crossed
as I look at you by the window
staring at your heart shaped pose
locked in & froze
knowing i’ll love you the most


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