I wrote hey
& you said nothing trying not to fall prey
to the beautiful truths on my mind i wanted to parlay


To the circumstances my thoughts say
i think we could be friends
yet my soul can’t quite hop over that fence


Try to forget about the love i seen
& the storyboard that was placed in those scenes
emotionally i close my eyes yet i can’t sleep


I exhale & inhale you when i breathe
by filtering you through loves spleen
like an atheist saying God damn
i now believe in you cause of this woman


She’s helped me connect with emotions hard to understand
conveying them into the memoires of a new man
so i thank you for showing me who i am


The residue
of what i should do
with my selfishness only wanting to groom you
i don’t expect anything from you
yet i want all of you


Into your thoughts
deep down to my soul before it clots
knowing who & what means a lot
Shhhhh… It’s all for not



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