You touch me like the first light of day
Or the pillow that’s below me touching my face
If you were to ask what I want
My first thought would be you all along


An unknown feeling yet a familiar thought
With the hues of everything priceless on lock
As my mind wanders in your space like an astronaut


I look at the horizon with you in mind feeling inspired
As original as my mothers Sunday dinners that I admire
You help write my lifetime story with no actors
You’re my rock & all that matters


Just give her my all
anything that she needs to rely on
i tell her i’m here no matter the distance
knowing that i’ll love her till my last breath of existence


Her like my favorite store
in her i pick up everything that i adore
love & much more
with the name of this place in the form of you being called mi amor




I write & describe
she paints & writes
hers includes the self spoken
while to me she’ll always be the one that i’ve chosen


Let me tell you somethin
i’ve been with other women
yet the earth always seems to gravitate me towards you
that’s why i’m never scared to tell you how much i love you


Exposed everything about this feeling that i knew
hers is not at where i thought it was as mine grew
so i said i’ll put these feelings in the backseat
& other things


She said she would have some issues with this
cause she values values our friendship
& i said me too


The lines are blurry when it comes to you
so i have to take a step back without a doubt
this is more than a crush, i truly love you now
silence with the absence of emotions is what i’m talking about



I was disillusioned  with a crush

i drank a lot of it till i had enough

i thought we were above the fray

is all i had to say

never in my life have i felt this way




Work to run away from the past

but your future always seems to look like your past

and you still there; so your past in your present gets the last laugh

i had you on a pedestal till it moved

you fell off it and like everyone else you fell in the pool

the truth hurts




Look at yourself in the mirror for the proof

just know i’ll be always rooting for you

im done on that level

friends okay, but you no longer the gem in my bezel

because you said something to make me open up my rose colored eyes

oops what i felt was compromised




I know is that you still matter

as long as you change your pattern

till then im finished with the chatter

ps i always write about love so here is hate

with a twist of love so everyone can relate


When I think of you I hear this song
where the drum beat or bass line shouldn’t have lasted this long
no lyrics just a rose petal with thorns on my lawn


No fault of your own
just my emotions on overload
every time we connect on a cell phone


Let it all go
like water with no dam to control the way it flows
It comes out that natural
In a state that’s gradual


If your name was Korea & you’re the Seoul of my capital
I tell you this with no collateral
just my emotions moving multilaterally in this battle


Wheel power has no room to be casual
full speed ahead on a ship in loves ocean & I’m the admiral
yet feeling like a cadet
giddy in my thoughts of you as my palms sweat


Wanting the best for you & I bet
that what I serve to you would be pure yet
beset into everything that the others tend to forget
After they caught you in their net


I love this woman for what she is worth
cause she is as pure to me as the day she was birth
idolized in my thoughts & written words


Collect my love for you like rain water
just to pour it on you like a nurtured flower
including the star gazer lilies that you admire


When i said
i love you there were names i had to forget
you’re Vegas minus the gambling bets
7 & 11 on the first roll always wins with no debts


Sampson with no hair losing you; i’d lose my strength
so i ask myself questions to reflect
on what makes me think you’re the best


The only breed
of woman that concerns me
as I write with the rhythms of my heartbeat
sound the trumpet or the guitar


Love her like a shopper in a bazaar
she gives me plenty of options like drinks at a bar
intoxicating my thoughts up close or where ever you are


I sit back wondering the ways i can adore you
in a upright position thinking on what i’d do
since this feeling has always felt brand new


Priceless; so i can’t afford to
treat you


Haiku for my emotions that stays needy
you always make me hungry
so i guess i’m greedy


Say it cause i mean it
or is it cause i’m needy
either way true love is what i’m breathing


I say damn
what do you have to lose when i am
writing & spilling all my emotions the best way i can
since everything for you leaves me lonely


I pour out my soul to true love till i feel empty
i smile to get by
even when i know you’re not by my side
cause you & i doesn’t feel right


For the first time through my eyes
i’ve read your words & seen your disguise
true art is your name as i watch you rise


I ask could you ever love me
she states how could you ask me
i say cause i need to know


she says i also want to know
i say funny how we’re on the same boat
she said i want to swim, but i don’t know


I said the current of life brought me to your soul
miles away; yet so close
she says, but you still haven’t answered me though


I reply cause you’re the reality i’ve always known
silently waiting to sit you on loves throne
where you’ve been at since i first said where you belong


I continue to say damn
i have nothing to lose as i am
knowing i’ll always love you the best i can
even though you
never said i love you too