Love has a funny way of presenting itself
even at a distance
my only wish is for you to always love yourself


That it begins where selfishness ends
i speak of all this passion
& i write the truth that shapes mental attraction
uncontrollable like an allergic reaction


The garden that is you
your eyes equal the sunshine
that helps me breathe
& the justification that you equals me


A stone on your garden floor
i want to be your beachfront properties shore
the only real estate needed in your emotional home


Have a library of you on my mind
many books & chapters with my heart intertwined
in loving every inch & space between the lines


You’re like a lesson never lost
the more i say no to these wordless thoughts
i begin to warm up from the frost
of FALLING even though i FALL IN


If your name was Cleopatra
& i only meditate to you in tantra
as if these wordless thoughts were my mantra
with my love staying hard for you minus viagra
i’d still treat you like my seven chakras



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