What if I refuse to read the tea leaves
and prefer to live in the ethers
with rose colored glasses on
who would be responsible for that perspective when it’s done
why put her on that pedestal second to none


has faith in her like a high priestess
when her ship has sunk
or when bad news latches on to her like barnacles on a boat


becomes the person you already knew
aurora borealis the roman goddess of dawn
you paint vivid colors with words that have spawned
creativity in my fictional and factual form
you’re my college and I’ll live in your dorm
I try to be the drainage to your life’s storm


you’re emotionally torn
bringing you at ease
before you become that woman scorned
remember what you’ve been placed here for


Love, teach and preach whats right
and not whats wrong
if you have questions i’ll show you where you belong
i draft these for you like beer & kareoke songs


who becomes me
the person you already knew


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