You have an advantage over me
you can see me
& imagine or have a pretty
good idea of who i am from what you see
in all of me


I try better discerning my spirit, but forgive me
if i don’t hit the mark with 100% accuracy
you’re a precious soul
& one am glad in this lifetime to have known
is what i’ve been told
by my emotions just letting you know


No matter what i constitute
into my mind you’ll always be absolute
even if i refrain from the pursuit


Try to make the thoughts banish
my mind would say it in a different language
in english & spanish


You’re one of a kind & will never vanish
like a lotus flower
rising out the murky waters
enlighted like a bhuddist without anguish
living in loves parish


That the pursuit
of loving you
is the only way for me to manage
coming out like lotus


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