I remember i used to do my best to hold her hands
she would reach out cause your actions became scripted
& she knew what i spoke was from the heart gifted
unlike any other man


An archer trying to hit the target before it lands
in the wrong hands
she would speak & i wouldn’t judge or ask
only there for her comfort cause to you it was a task


To hear the happiness in her words that she shouldn’t lack
in the shadows that i now hold back
honestly how can i not love her for that
from 0 to 1 second flat


Know i’m all about being impatient
cause when i look at you this becomes the question
you’re too beautiful for me to be complacent


Wanted to say you & love will always stay adjacent
as i only want to hold her

7 thoughts on “HOLD HER

      1. Glad i was able to capture that. Most of my writting is in one take.. That’s why sometimes i write in 1st,2nd & third person, but glad you could follow me with it… : )!!! Again Thanks

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