I say damn
what do you have to lose when i am
writing & spilling all my emotions the best way i can
since everything for you leaves me lonely


I pour out my soul to true love till i feel empty
i smile to get by
even when i know you’re not by my side
cause you & i doesn’t feel right


For the first time through my eyes
i’ve read your words & seen your disguise
true art is your name as i watch you rise


I ask could you ever love me
she states how could you ask me
i say cause i need to know


she says i also want to know
i say funny how we’re on the same boat
she said i want to swim, but i don’t know


I said the current of life brought me to your soul
miles away; yet so close
she says, but you still haven’t answered me though


I reply cause you’re the reality i’ve always known
silently waiting to sit you on loves throne
where you’ve been at since i first said where you belong


I continue to say damn
i have nothing to lose as i am
knowing i’ll always love you the best i can
even though you
never said i love you too



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