I love this woman for what she is worth
cause she is as pure to me as the day she was birth
idolized in my thoughts & written words


Collect my love for you like rain water
just to pour it on you like a nurtured flower
including the star gazer lilies that you admire


When i said
i love you there were names i had to forget
you’re Vegas minus the gambling bets
7 & 11 on the first roll always wins with no debts


Sampson with no hair losing you; i’d lose my strength
so i ask myself questions to reflect
on what makes me think you’re the best


The only breed
of woman that concerns me
as I write with the rhythms of my heartbeat
sound the trumpet or the guitar


Love her like a shopper in a bazaar
she gives me plenty of options like drinks at a bar
intoxicating my thoughts up close or where ever you are


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