I sit back wondering the ways i can adore you
in a upright position thinking on what i’d do
since this feeling has always felt brand new


Priceless; so i can’t afford to
treat you


Haiku for my emotions that stays needy
you always make me hungry
so i guess i’m greedy


Say it cause i mean it
or is it cause i’m needy
either way true love is what i’m breathing


One thought on “I GUESS

  1. Thank you for reading my poetry I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. I can feel the depth of your passion in your writing. I would tell you as an older man I have learned through much effort and many wrong choices that is the joy of feeling love for another that is his highest reward and not the affirmation that your love is returned by the other though that is special. I learned this in a very odd way. Very spiritual and eccentric woman once told me if I wanted to To like me I should focus on the pleasure I felt while stroking it’s fur. It works extremely well it was a good analogy for the difference between being fixated on a woman is an object of love and filling them with a sense of beauty created by your joy in their presence. I hope this makes some sense to you when is of some value. In the meantime thank you again for redo my work.

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