When I think of you I hear this song
where the drum beat or bass line shouldn’t have lasted this long
no lyrics just a rose petal with thorns on my lawn


No fault of your own
just my emotions on overload
every time we connect on a cell phone


Let it all go
like water with no dam to control the way it flows
It comes out that natural
In a state that’s gradual


If your name was Korea & you’re the Seoul of my capital
I tell you this with no collateral
just my emotions moving multilaterally in this battle


Wheel power has no room to be casual
full speed ahead on a ship in loves ocean & I’m the admiral
yet feeling like a cadet
giddy in my thoughts of you as my palms sweat


Wanting the best for you & I bet
that what I serve to you would be pure yet
beset into everything that the others tend to forget
After they caught you in their net


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