I was disillusioned  with a crush

i drank a lot of it till i had enough

i thought we were above the fray

is all i had to say

never in my life have i felt this way




Work to run away from the past

but your future always seems to look like your past

and you still there; so your past in your present gets the last laugh

i had you on a pedestal till it moved

you fell off it and like everyone else you fell in the pool

the truth hurts




Look at yourself in the mirror for the proof

just know i’ll be always rooting for you

im done on that level

friends okay, but you no longer the gem in my bezel

because you said something to make me open up my rose colored eyes

oops what i felt was compromised




I know is that you still matter

as long as you change your pattern

till then im finished with the chatter

ps i always write about love so here is hate

with a twist of love so everyone can relate


5 thoughts on “COMPROMISED

      1. Real truth never hurts; love never hates. Praying your sad face turns to a smile again one day. I’m sorry for your pain. I know I’ve had my fill of it too. Cheers to a better day my friend..;-)

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