I’ll be honest
you’ll always be the breath never missed
cause i need you to live
as the test, the will & the progress


Opposite of others going left
cause with you i’ll always go right
just listen to the words that come out my mind


Vision needed to see what i write
cause you feel internally what i like
even when you feel alone
think of me to remember your home
while crossing the tracks on any given detour


Railroad tracks
since i believe
in everything you mean to me
50/50 you are my want & need
100% tailored & stitched down to the seam
just for me


Plenty of me with nothing to prove
i show you the track & watch you put on the shoes
with no records broken; only the fact that i love you


I speak to her truth
same spaceship just a different aerial view
of the world, as i plant these feelings for her to bloom
resulting in the best possible you
cause that’s what i’ll give to her & always do

red rose on wood floow - black and white


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