I know at times you feel like your hands are full
but your heart is empty
so if your cup is half full
i’ll pour out plenty
of myself into your cup till you feel healthy


Honestly paint you the color of the unknown
& since x marks the spot on your canvas i’ve found my home
sometimes i wonder if you think of me
the way i do of you unequivocally


need you like a poor man needs his daily bread
while others give you a single slice i give you the whole loaf instead
you have a brain, but i just want to give you a piece of mind
you give me reason for these rhymes
i love you Nena, every day & at all times


hands for support onto life’s on coming train
we’ll face it together no need to switch lanes
or play with each others emotions cause i don’t look like an arcade
& neither do you
again i write cause my life is all about the best way of loving you

5 thoughts on “THE BEST WAY

  1. You can definitely write in a way that makes one want to know love like this … with tears to accompany it. She’s a blessed woman, wherever she is.

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