In my eyes you can do no wrong
cause i understand being you can be so hard
& if we live in the sky you’d own all the stars


If i am not around
you love the fact that we can speak without a sound
with the fact that i am comforting when others make you weep
& if reality gets too tough i help you dream without sleep
your passion is for the arts & like a mountain
i appreciate your creative peaks


Think & write what i feel through my senses
& paint it on your canvas
leaving you exposed to the truth
that my reality subconsciously & literally will always include you


Will only talk knowing that you’re selfless; while thinking of you being naked
while i listen to your passion, cause that’s something that shouldn’t be wasted
& like a chef with raw food, i’m always willing to make it
fresh & that’s to be expected


Smile & eyes
are my fantasy with no disguise
i love your look
you’re the muse to my poetic book


Amo nena… No earthquake needed to get me shook
since you’re all the titles needed to be read in my nook
the digital age in my eyes never looked so good
with a picture i am all smiles & ready to be took
like a fish i am on the hook
ready to be put into your spices & cooked


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