I hear the sound of deception
my own thoughts have failed me i must mention
i’ve never given all of my emotions
except for the one i’ll call devotion


Has a tattoo to attest
of where she’s been in hopes to never digress
while i show what i hold
towards her emotionally in my body & soul


I guess its time to put my pen down & write no more
in hope one day you’ll truly understand what i stood for
so re-read


Breath of sincerity that’s already been spoken
immortalized into a romantic disposition
all about your happiness with no conditions
regression isn’t always the best lesson


You tell your mind to differ to all sounds of deception
where you can build your own perceptions
into what you’d like to call perfection
no matter the ramifications


Me not loving you wouldn’t leave any good results
kind of like veins to your arteries minus a pulse
even with blood circulating you cant seem to cope
no prescription needed, cause in you i’ve found my dope


Sound of deception tied around my neck like a rope
with the purity of my feelings induced with hope
where i religiously enshrine love for you into messages like the pope
is it the sound of deception
or the true form of loves manifestation?


5 thoughts on “SOUND OF DECEPTION

      1. No doubt; I had to refine some writings but the two pair of blue stockings were a clue a few days ago. Just slimming down a bit. Thanks again. You are awesome, truly. 🙂

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