I like to write
of you always & not per diem
at all costs
pay attention so you wont get lost


I whisper
so i can wrap you into my nuptial twister
cause i want to be
so close to you that when you breathe
i can hear your future dreams


I speak it
& breathe it
because if i wasn’t breathing it
i wouldn’t be able to speak it
or feel it


That’s clear
& real good so you can feel what you hear
cause i’ll open up a chair
so you can sit & take notes with no fear
till you know its good here


Will make love to you with ever word spoken
from the floor to the ceiling
your looks aren’t the only thing on you that’s appealing
but i’ll stop here, so you can catch up with your feelings
give it to you in many ways if your willing


Stay true
1 plus 1 will always equal me & you
knowing that everything i feel is the truth
when i say its all about you


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