All I can say is
that I promise
to be here like a tattoo to your skin


Up to the morning dew
talking to me about you
telling me to tell you


When you awake
the world will see a beautiful day
knowing that these are more than just moments I portray


On location written all over my face
nothing about you is simple; so i’ll never forget
to be open every second & minute
so you know i’m here for you to get



On the outside she smiles
while inside she cries
all this due to her life


Can’t live it for her
but I’m in love, so I’ll be there for her
& I hope she knows this
she’s above it all & that’s me being modest


Want to hear your voice
just to feel your presence by choice
even if all you say is hello
i want to witness these thoughts on the go


To remind you where you’ve come from
as you take a step back
to think of your future i’d like to hear that


Should be a rule to give & not to take
if I was a chef all of you’d be my signature dish on the plate
as I relate
to your ambiance as my soulmate


What i type is out of love through this keyboard
but in reality what i feel is much more
like what lightning is to a storm
or the alignment of a lunar eclipse in ONE view you’ve been formed


Love you with more passion than a catholic gives christ
or an atheist that discredits all religions despised
while always trying to give your darkness light
there are plenty of girls that are beautiful & easy to like
but you’re the only woman in sight


Makes this so easy to write all in one take
put me on your canvas & show me how you’d paint
me into your portrait that i’ll title soulmate


Know that there’s an eternity where this feeling will never end
where memories like Gatsby will never allow me to bend
so i let it out as soon as it comes out my mouth & press send
i just want you to tell me te amo again
bathfloor champagnepic


How can I lose you
if i’ve already found you
with elegance & grace I love you


Most when I see your driven panoramic views
when you let me into your realm & report it like the news
in the line of happiness I pursuit
the negative into positive while others have no clue


For you that’s what I’ll do
words are meant to be written
& you’re biblical while I am in it
nothing sexual, but ooh what a feelin


Can hold hands & have a heart felt conversation
which is good times, so I’ll call it a fucking celebration
it shouldn’t be so vulgar when mentioned


I want to hear you like a psych doctor does privately with his patients
with no inhibitions
just a smile & suspense the real you is a weapon
so I’m thinkin


I’ll spin the cd like a record
while soaking in all of her efforts
throughout the day & digesting it before breakfast


i love you & i mean that
swim through any issue lap by lap
with no record keeping or stat


talk through it relax
& land on the solution like a plane on a tarmac
then put it all on loves plate
eat it up hearty like potato & steak


making the negative the enemy of its own state
never taking a bite of miseries bait
only the best for you & with that i can relate
that i’ve always seen you since i fell as my soulmate
Nena if i was a chef you’d be the signature dish that i make


On loves plate



I’ll admit
that I like to get
texts & pics
just to speak


Replay the visuals of what your aura says to me
as i look at your silhouette
admiring the thoughts & realizing where my heart went
cause I’m not rich, but I can give you emotional wealth
by being the unspoken extension of yourself


Easy to feel myself pulling towards her gravitationally
but harder to understand my fascination for her literally
since i want to be the cloth that wipes off
adversity of my diamond in the ruff
i know


You at times; leaves you feeling overwhelmed
but just understand I’m the co-star in your life’s film
even if you have a long flight
i’d be the pilot that ensures you reach your destination on time


Make accommodations to be by your side
With no reservations needed
my hunger for loving you will never be depleted


I hear the silence
but so into her I feel the vibrating sounds     
that resonates from a hill to a mound
up & down
Aura of chakras
In tuned into loves mantras
Yeah… it’s that deep


& bounds                                    
a queen doesn’t need
to wear crowns        


The fox & I am the hound
chasing her coveted needs from the air & ground              
without speaking a word outloud
you give meaning to the word proud



Is it a dream if i see you while i’m awake
is it love written all over my face
when i feel you’re my favorite day or night
or when i feel your warmth in thought inside


I say i won’t, but you still stay on my mind
my affection for you creates words from the sands of time
knowing that everything about you forever matches & rhymes


Is the best poem i could ever write
cause its about my love for you live


I report it like the daily news at five
love pills wallpaper


I truly listen & watch your words unfold
trying to get in tune with you & not trying to take control
it’s all about you, yet i maintain my core
i’m holding space, waiting for you to take a tour


Having a way of drawing out your
deepest truth; so take the floor
no judges here & definitely not trying to be a coach
just want you to feel relaxed & go with the flow
expressive without being conscious is how it should go
all this minus societies mold


Me you’ll always be beautiful
& i listen to what will always be meaningful
which is you
art ljovier