I told you i loved you
no matter how classical it may sound
your spirit has painted my emotional town


Whispers that i dress you with like a gown
as i sip,then drink hoping never to drown
cause what i feel for you is singular like a noun


Me if i only see paradise
when i think of you in my life
& i say something to help you realize


Like my favorite pie
i want a slice
knowing that you are both my passions combined
as my love & what i love to write


Hard for me to look at your face
cause there is too much information to digest
why trivia; when i held you i past the test
with everything checked off our list


I tell you something
that you’re my everything
i put that on anything
cause before you i had nothing


With detours i’ll find my route
you’ll always give me things to talk about
with no sound
i hear your aura outloud


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