I saw your soul
before i first said to you
i loved you


To hold you
knowing angels fall sometimes
hoping you realize your ex was a past time
for the forget me not’s


I assure you; that you are more than a passing nod
or a damaged vacancy sign drunk down to the sobs
on your pillow case flavored with wine


I spill my thoughts of your beauty
from lonely to lovely
i’m not a salesman, but trust me
i’ll allow you to own me


Temporarily, but always never lost
cause you are love flavored in my sauce
the thing is i don’t want sex


Want to be the pillow on your bed
listening to your heartbeat & everything it states
to accept


I saw in her is what i felt
where my heart whispered in the rhythm of where hers sits
watching this love like a TV set
acting in the act of deceit
if i never write or mention what you mean to me

art:Natalia Baykalova


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