In the space between my words
my voice stumbled and fell
tripped by emotion as my thoughts swelled
into dry feelings with no wish or change in the well


of what could be a portrait left unpainted
when you should be decorated & placed on my mental walls
so i write into the blue dawn
& the trilogy of what my love for you has spawned


like a gun firing of shots
you’re deserving, so i try to appease to all your needs & wants
inflicted by the wound of silence
i rather not, but in you i find it
hard not to listen to my poetic heart


equals me swimming from your ocean bed
to the waves of a sea of emotions that i want to thread
into the real you; unlike what any other men
have given


into the fog or the myst
nothing in her past has ever witnessed this
so i write what she’d missed
with these thoughts sealed with a kiss
nena te amo & you’ll always be number one on my list
artist unknown

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