Everyone has their path in life
& in you i’ve found mine
so i hope you like these words
cause i’ll put them into action like verbs


You make the story called life better
i write it; so it can be read forever
& i could also say you’re special
prime time cause what i feel needs no rehearsal


So convincing that love has your name sounding universal
no matter the hurdle
when i think of you i become cheerful
i’ll love you no matter the label


Or any one else has given
as long as you remain driven
the past wasn’t with me so it’s been forgiven


Not only learned i listened
so every time we speak i’m good to you
& that’s what i’m going to do
since trials & tribulations is all you knew


A new mindset, so step into my room
with 7 simple letters & us being the clue
ARTIST: Eduardo Bessa Rodrigues(REMIX) ARTIST: Eduardo Bessa Rodrigues(REMIX)
Lino Robles


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