I want to wake up to see
myself next to you falling back into my dream
you’ve captivated me


You’re  hotter
Than a fever
even when not around i feel her
from the desires she gives me thats different than the rest
I write cause she exists


My heart & this isn’t a joke
like nobody has time for that from years ago      
i see you smiling like you know
that with me you’ll never be alone 


The kisses of that one day
that you gave
never faded away


Glad you allow me to show you my all
you’re  so special i drown in my thoughts
of you with no phone needed to accept loves call


I won’t value her cosmetics
or how her hips fit
In stretch denim
cause I’ve seen her without it
to know


Only value how she makes me feel in these verses   
& the affection she gives to my life’s lessons
even with her


Pretty isn’t beautiful its mediocre
& if i painted myself like a poster
I still wouldn’t come closer
to hitting beauties notes like a composer


I write her symphany till my hands blister
to inform her that beauty
to me is in our unity
as i give you all of me




2 thoughts on “OUR UNITY

  1. Thank you so much… this was one of my personal favorites in a while.. i even threw in the meme “no body got time for that joke in it”lol….😂😂😂😂Appreciate you taking the time to read also

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