I drink my thoughts of you like soup
knowing that my emotions have picked you ripe like a fruit
you’re the flower of innocence on my vines
stormy weather in the sky; can’t interfere with these feelings so divine


Are like my favorite restaurant
better yet like the menu, I’ll pick all that I want
in you I can see what’s modern
its you & love in the same pattern


I drive down this road
you are everything that I wish for
bring your heart & your soul
& i’ll give you everything that you’ve ever proposed
cause that’s how a love for me goes
just like water freely is how it flows


Write so it’s easy for you to understand my mind
hopefully you’ve picked up the lines
that for me; love for you will never die
& i say this with a smile


I’ve painted this picture
i’m the blank canvas & you the paint mixtures
i sculpt you with words & you show off the final fixture
others can tell you whatever
but what I feel for you can be held holy like scripture


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