I just want to listen to the music as you question yourself
there is little discussion, so i listen to myself
your vision is crowded, but in it i always remain the same
others see you at face value & i am the escape


Thing is, i do this unconditionally
no matter the wait,; i do believe in fate
it’s weird how easy it is for us to relate
thats why i told you a long time ago you’re my soulmate


can be written & stated
but can only reach its plateau desired
if it’s felt from within & admired
even with lack of sleep i’ll never be tired
to listen, text or enjoy our conversations


is the last time you’ve felt that kind of admiration
completely vulnerable in contemplation
so i write your guide to complete meditation
these are just the seeds of dedication
that i’ve planted in your garden till our final destination


Photo: leyla garza


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