I miss me texting good morning
you saying mi amor
me calling you nena
pics for your papi
cause you know how you have me


To the notion
that emotionally I’ll spread & rub you in like lotion
when I write it’s not boastin
i’m merely stating my view


The little things, she asks like how should I style my hairdo
which shows me that she knew I cared
can you visit me i’d ask, but won’t dare
all things emotionally with her I share
as i lay in my underwear


She likes the way I roll
out of bed with her early morning love quotes
but states that’s not the way she rolls
yet, I would love to watch her rise like dough
loving her in every direction the wind blows


She’s passion to my affection & i like how it flows
out my mind,through my heart & veins out my pen here it goes
te amo mi Amor


I awake with my phone in hand at night
wondering should i
text you things like
the comfort of my bed needs you tonight
things to miss right


4 thoughts on “I MISS

    1. To be honest it’s just my style.. non-formal talking in first,second & third person making the reader come up with their own conclusions at times. Thanks for reading & enjoying my work.

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